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VOX on the bal walkout

At Bronx Letters, a public school serving about 600 sixth- to 12th-graders in New York City’s poorest school district, students had left class with school permission to attend a demonstration on the athletic field. The event, organized by Robledo, Aileen Villa, 18, and Isis Brache, 17 — lasted 17 minutes, to commemorate the 17 students killed in Parkland.


In 2015, a BAL learning initiative focused on the importance of racial diversity in the classroom was featured on WNYC:


 The American School Counselor Association recommends a counselor-student ratio of 1:250. But the students are in impoverished districts, and many have been affected by the trauma that comes with living in neighborhoods with high crime rates, gang activity or unstable housing situations. Listen to the feature on WNYC below to hear our principal discuss the importance of this guidance.

"We have someone every year of the way through high school who’s going to be able to make sure a kid is tuned in and focused on the academic prowess that’s going to allow them to access college and careers," said Cardet-Hernandez.

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Writing comes alive in our classrooms! Through the work of our magazine and our literary journal, we start to build a love and respect for the writing in our own community that extends outward.
— Caits Meissner, Writer-in-Residence


Please enjoy our school's YouTube channel.

Our students got the opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate on an original song and music video with alumnus and Latin superstar Prince Royce on The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus presented by Canon USA.

BAL's belief in the power of words to enable self-expression and empowerment is embodied in this moving community-wide poem that speaks to the artistry, power and bravery of our students.

A central tenet of our school's mission is to enable our students to avail themselves of every opportunity presented to them.  Please enjoy this informative video in which our students get to experiment with news production and presentation.