Bronx Letters Foundation

Our charge is different than other schools. We are smack in the middle of the South Bronx - in Mott Haven - and our kids, often times, are coming here with a lot of trauma that has happened either in their homes, or in the community; this neighborhood has the highest homicide rate in the city. It requires much more than just great teaching: it requires great people, and that’s who we have here.”
— Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, Principal

Students on a grade-wide trip to Washington D.C., made possible by our Board and donations from people like you. Find out how you can make a difference.

The Bronx Letters Foundation is made up of a diverse group of professionals with varied backgrounds including education, finance, law, marketing, publishing, and philanthropy.  

Our strictly volunteer Board raises funds to support extracurricular programming at The UA Bronx Academy of Letters. In addition to producing our annual Chefs’ Tasting Benefit and Fun(d) Run, board members are active volunteers at the school and participants in many school-sponsored events including Annual Student Exhibitions, College Essay Writing Night and the College Fair. 

Through our efforts we provide the financial support for a school newspaper, a literary magazine, writing and acting residencies, SAT prep, and college visits. We offer a host of other extracurricular opportunities through partnerships with a variety of institutions, organizations, and companies in NYC and beyond. Together with the principal the foundation board decides which programs we can fund each year.  We also support the school by researching grants and programs.

Thanks to donations from people like you, 

we've been able to enrich our students' education in and outside of the classroom with initiatives, people and programs including the following, all of which cost $300,000* a year to maintain:

Art and Writing Enrichment

After-School Music Program

Theatre Teacher

Music Teachers

Writing Teachers

School Newspaper and Literary Journal

Class Trips

Overnight College Visits for ALL Grades

SAT Prep Classes

*Your generosity will enable us to continue this essential work.