BAL Students Honored by ESPN for Advocacy of Sports Equity

BAL Students Lisa Parks and Matthew Diaz

BAL Students Lisa Parks and Matthew Diaz

Meet Lisa Parks and Matt Diaz, two Bronx Academy of Letters students whose passionate advocacy for fair and equal access to athletic team options in NYC public schools has just been recognized by ESPN at the Sport Humanitarian Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles where Parks and Diaz received the Billie Jean King Youth Leadership Award on July 9, 2019

Our foundation is proud to support the work of teachers and staff at Bronx Academy of Letters who are committed to empowering students through developing their communication/writing skills and supporting their personal growth. Kudos to Lisa and Matt for their courage and tenacity!

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“I’m missing out on a career. I’m missing out on college. I’m missing out on scholarships. As a person from a low-income community, it is pretty hard to get out of that cycle of being in a low-income community again. I feel like sports is a way out for a lot of students.”

~Matthew Diaz

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